Halal Butcher

Halal Meats

Our halal meats are prepared with respect and safety to honor Islamic beliefs. We are continuously providing the fresh cut meat ready to take home and test your cooking skills.

Quality Cuts

We ensure our meats are sold at excellent quality for our customers. Stop into our market today to see the freshness first-hand for yourself!

Great Taste

We are notorious for our great tasting meats giving an authentic Middle Eastern taste. Immerse yourself in our heart-healthy Mediterranean meats and poultry.

Tons of Options!

Our supermarket offers countless options of meats and poultry. We offer things you may not be able to find anywhere else in town. We always strive to satisfy our customers.

What is Halal?

Halal meat means permissible to consume. The term Halal applies to cattle, sheep and poultry. Animals must be in good health at time of slaughter. The butchery must be a merciful killing by a very sharp knife to avoid prolonging suffering. Each cut should be at the correct designated spot to drain all blood from veins. Animals must not be slaughtered in front of other livestock. One must declare gratitude by saying “Bismillah” or “in the name of God”.

Wednesday Hump Day Specials

Wednesdays are for savings! Every “Wednesday Hump Day”, we significantly mark down certain Halal meat items! Be sure to stop in and stock up every week so your kitchen is filled with delicious, wholesome foods ready to be prepared for loved ones.

Stop in Today!

Come into our store in Toledo, Ohio and indulge in your Mediterranean favorites. We can ensure you a successful trip to our meat market where you will be able to find all your needs; providing scrumptious options. Come by and see for yourself at 4623 W. Bancroft St, Toledo, OH 43615.