A Truly Authentic Deli

Long, busy day at work? Look no further than our deli display to provide your family with the healthiest and most delicious Mediterranean meals! With a wide selection to choose from, you cannot go wrong with our in-store made favorites. Our deli case is filled with gluten free & vegan options, baked goods, cheeses and scrumptious desserts.

Mediterranean Favorites

We have your Mediterranean favorites such as hommus, grape leaves, and fattoush. We offer gluten free and vegan options as well!


We carry the most delicious dairy products like sheep cheese, kefir, and a wide variety of feta cheeses leaving your taste buds and stomach happy!


Baked Goods

In the mood for authentic Mediterranean baked goods? We have a wonderful and traditional selection of delicious baked goods to choose from!


Stop in and purchase some of our well loved desserts like baklava, maamoul, and cakes! Can't choose one? Trays are available, so you don't have to!