Huge Selection of Groceries

We offer you and your family with a wide selection of the most necessary groceries for your kitchen and household. Whether it is choosing an item from our organic variety, pitted Kalamata olives from our olive bar, or henna from our body care section, we make sure you can one-stop shop.

A One-Stop Shop

We have a vast variety of groceries to choose from never leaving you empty handed. We provide ethnic products and spices, specialty fruits and vegetables, juices, body care, and much more.

Bulk Foods

We are enthusiastic about providing top quality groceries and the freshest selection of nuts, grains, and rice/beans.

Ethnic Products & Spices

We strive to offer heart-healthy groceries providing different types of ethnic products & spices you wont find anywhere else in town.

Huge Selection

Our supermarket contains a vast variety of fresh seasonal produce, delicious food items, and more making your stop as efficient and effective as possible.

Authentic Ethnic Groceries

Looking to buy real authentic Middle Eastern/Lebanese groceries? Stop by the Middle East Market located in Toledo, Ohio. We guarantee to offer you and your family a wide range of products to choose from.

What we Carry

Bulk foods (nuts, grains, and rice/beans)

Ethnic products and spices

Frozen section (ice cream varieties, specialty frozen items, frozen seafood, frozen vegetables and fruits)

Dairy (wide selection of ethnic cheeses and kefir varieties)

Juices (selection of Middle-Eastern, Turkish, and American juices)

Body care (variety of soaps, lotions, hair care, and henna products)

Hookah & tobacco products must be 18 years old for purchase (Al-Fakher, Nakhla, Starbuzz, Mazaya tobacco line. Khalil Maamoun and other hookahs)

Housewares (a selection of ethnic and traditional cooking necessities)