You We’re starting a new tradition here at Middle East Market.. It’s called “Wednesday Hump Day” and it means that every week on Wednesday, certain produce items will be significantly marked down! Look for these colorful price stickers to pick you up during the your midweek slump! Specific fruits and vegetables will be on sale for 40 to 60 percent off, including coconuts, avocados, lemons and potatoes to name a few. We’ll see you here!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017’s Hump Day Specials:

10 lb. Idaho Potato Bags – 2/$4

3 lb. Cooking Onion Bags – $0.79 each

Packaged Roma Tomatoes – 2/$1

6 Count Avocado Bags – $0.99 each

Strawberries – 2/$1

Jumbo Watermelons – $4.99 each

Large Oranges – 3/$1

Apples – $0.49 lb.